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We have been busy upgrading our systems and moving new customers on to our platform so unfortunately have not had much of a chance to update the blog. It wasn't until recently that a new customer mentioned that we hadn't added anything new in quite a while that we thought perhaps we should make an update so here we are.

It's just a brief one but we wanted to share an e-mail which we received from a customer recently.

Hi James,
Yes, thank you. We are so pleased with the service you are providing. It has made everything so much more efficient.

Best wishes,


Like with many of our customers, Sue had come to us after being let down by another hosting company. They were not responding to Sue's support requests so when their site went down, after a few days without communication from them, Sue looked for a new hosting company to work with and found us. We have been working with Sue for over a year now and, as you can see, she's much happier!

We will try to update the blog again soon with more news about the continual upgrades that we are making to keep our network running quickly and reliably but for now, take care.

There are many processes involved in ensuring that our customers' web sites and e-mail accounts remain accessible. Some are fairly standard whilst others are systems which we have developed in-house to help ensure your account is protected and remains online. We also try to cut out as many annoyances as possible so that using your account isn't frustrating.

Spam Protection

We get annoyed every time we receive a spam e-mail so we do our best to cut down on the junk that reaches your inbox. We use the excellent SpamExperts filtering system which automatically traps the vast majority of junk and stops it hitting your account. Should the odd message slip through, we take two actions. The first is to report it to SpamExperts so that they can add it to their filter and prevent similar messages from reaching other users. The second is adding the sender's account to our own, internal filter.

We've developed our own filter after seeing patterns of behaviour with some spammers. With some senders, they were able to get through the first filter and they would bombard as many accounts as possible with their messages so we created our own filter which we manually manage. As soon as a message gets through to us, we add it to our filter and this prevents the same sender from sending anything to any accounts within our network.

Blacklist monitor

A common technique of spammers is to hack a web site then plant some code which sends out spam messages. This is damaging in a couple of ways. Firstly, the implanted code could be flagged up to Google and cause your web site to drop in rankings. To ensure this doesn't happen, we offer our Extra Protect system to add extra layers of security to your Joomla or WordPress web site.

The second issue is that your domain name will quickly become blacklisted by other ISPs meaning that genuine e-mails sent from your account will end up in your contact's junk folder or worse still, blocked completely. To combat this, we run regular checks on all of our sites and have signed up to a blacklist monitor. The blacklist monitor checks our servers on a daily basis to see if they are listed on any e-mail blacklist servers. If they are, we are immediately notified so that we can identify the site causing the issue and have our systems removed from the blacklists.

Site monitor

We now offer an additional service which checks to see if your web site is online and accessible. Most hosts do not offer this service but those that do often just 'ping' your site. All this does is checks to see if the server that your site is installed on, is running. It doesn't actually check to make sure your site is accessible and can be read by your customers.

Our system is different. Ours checks to make sure that your site is online and working. If it isn't, we are automatically notified so that we can identify the issue and put things right for you often before you or your customers have noticed an issue.

We are constantly updating our systems and are open to suggestions on how we can improve our service so if there is a feature that you would like to see us add, please let us know.



We have recently been updating our spam filters to combat the amount of junk messages that customers have been receiving. We, like many hosts, rely on automatic filters to catch and either delete or move suspect messages to your 'Junk' folder. This is crucial to stop your inboxes filling up with irrelevant messages.

Unfortunately, spammers are constantly coming up with more and more sophisticated ways of getting around the automatic filters so the odd few messages can slip through. After a short while, the automatic filters do 'catch up' and then further, similar messages will be blocked.

To add to our filtering system, we have now introduced our own filter. This works alongside the existing filters so rather than replacing them, it works alongside them to add an additional layer of protection.

If you are noticing that some spam messages are still getting through, please do let us know via our support page. We will then investigate your mailbox and add some additional rules to the filter to block these messages from your account, and other other customers' account, in the future.

We realise how frustrating spam messages are so we will do everything we can to keep your inbox free of junk.

We have recently been battling, on behalf of one of our customers, to retrieve a domain name from

The customer registered the domain name a few years ago due to the cheap renewal fees that Extendnet were offering. Unfortunately since then, their customer service has been awful. Just see the unfavourable reviews left on their TrustPilot page -

We are very careful not to discuss other domain registrars and hosting providers. There are lots of people out there doing what we do, some great and some are terrible and of course companies can be turned around. The reason I am writing this is because of the ridiculous situation that has occurred and it appears, based on the reviews linked to above, it is a common thing for their customers.

We were asked by a customer to move their web site over to our hosting package and to do that, we needed to update the nameservers on the domain name. We contacted Extendnet through their online support portal and after a long wait (around seven days) they responded and had updated the nameservers. The customer then came back to us to ask us to move the domain name over to us as well, as they were unhappy with Extendnet's service.

You cannot move a domain from their control panel, you have to log a support ticket. We first opened one back in July. We didn't receive any responses to our ticket but they did keep closing it. This meant that they had read our support ticket and decided to ignore it - three times.

After that we decided to retrieve the domain name ourselves and have just successfully done so.

If you have a domain name registered with Extendnet and would like us to move your domain from Extendnet, please get in touch so that we can help.


We have worked with a number of customers who have left Yell / Hibu. Although they do try to put up a bit of a fight to hold on to you, moving your domain name away from Yell is fairly straight forward.

There are two ways to approach the issue depending on how quickly you would like to move away. The first is an immediate cancellation and move. What will happen is that Yell will cancel your web site with them and move the domain to another provider but this of course means that you may be without a web site. If you would like to do this, we would set up a holding page for you (with your basic business details - phone number, e-mail address etc.) so your information is still available to customers. We will also set up your e-mail accounts here and migrate all of your e-mails over for you.

The second option is that you have a new web site built and then cancel everything with them and have your domain name moved over to us or your new provider. Either way, the process is fairly simple. All you will need to do is:

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