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We have been busy upgrading our systems and moving new customers on to our platform so unfortunately have not had much of a chance to update the blog. It wasn't until recently that a new customer mentioned that we hadn't added anything new in quite a while that we thought perhaps we should make an update so here we are.

It's just a brief one but we wanted to share an e-mail which we received from a customer recently.

Hi James,
Yes, thank you. We are so pleased with the service you are providing. It has made everything so much more efficient.

Best wishes,


Like with many of our customers, Sue had come to us after being let down by another hosting company. They were not responding to Sue's support requests so when their site went down, after a few days without communication from them, Sue looked for a new hosting company to work with and found us. We have been working with Sue for over a year now and, as you can see, she's much happier!

We will try to update the blog again soon with more news about the continual upgrades that we are making to keep our network running quickly and reliably but for now, take care.

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