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How would you cope if your business went offline for a week?

It's likely that some new customers wouldn't be able to find you online and so you would miss out on some additional income. More likely and perhaps more importantly, you would be without your e-mail accounts and that would cause all sorts of issues, including stopping you from completing admin, finance and customer service tasks.

Back in February last year Heart Internet, one of the UK's largest domain, hosting and web site companies went down for five days.

About Us

We're a small team who support hundreds of web sites, small and large, across the UK and beyond.

We love, web sites, SEO and helping your business grow.


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For support, please e-mail use our live chat facility or call us on 01227 656451.

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If you have any questions or are having problems, just get in touch.

Use our 'Contact Us' page to e-mail us or talk to us on live chat about any queries that you may have or any support issues.

Short Testimonial

Paul McKinney, customer

"Without a doubt the most professional and outstanding customer service out there. Buy with confidence."