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Sell Your Hosting Company

sell your hosting companyWe will provide an excellent home for your hosting customers, providing them with the same level of care and support that they are used to.

We buy hosting companies

A relationship that works

We realise how much hard works goes into building a relationship with customers so we work with business owners to make sure that those relationships are maintained. The last thing we want to do is upset those relationships - this will impact your customers but also harm us and you. We will work with you on how best to let your customers know about the sale to write a newsletter to be e-mailed out or if you'd prefer a silent transition where we take over things in the background without a formal announcement, that's ok too.

With our own, and with the hosting companies that we have acquired in the past, we have built and improved services for the customers. We have a hugely knowledgeable and experienced technical team who offer telephone, live chat and e-mail support. If you do not have all of these yet, we would aim to add them as soon as possible.


Branded or not

After years of setting up your hosting business, you may be reluctant to see the brand disappear and customers simply redirected to a new web site. We understand the hard work, time and effort that has gone into building your business so we are happy to take over your site, branding, e-mail addresses and if possible phone number, so that from the customers' point-of-view, nothing has changed.


Successful acquisitions

We have bought a number of hosting companies over the years, all of which have been carefully and successfully migrated over to our existing systems. For non-cPanel customers, what we like to do is keep your hosting infrastructure in place initially and gradually move customers over to our system so that we do not cause the customers any inconvenience.

If your customers are already cPanel based, migrating them over is usually very quick and simple.


It is right and fair that you are given a good price for your business. Prices vary depending on factors such as the number of customers, the hosting plans that they are on, server system and age of the accounts. Of course we would be happy to talk to you and come to a price that is fair for both parties.

Although we are happy to take over the management of any domain names on behalf of your customers, we do not usually factor these into the income figures as we often charge just above renewal fees ourselves.

What about customers, what will they be charged?

We are very conscious of what your customers pay and we do not go in and increase prices for them. The benefit of doing things as we do (maintaining your brand and web site) is that although the team behind the brands that we look after are the same, we are able to offer varying prices. This means that when we purchase your hosting customers, we do not feel the need to increase their prices to match our existing customers.

We may find that some customers have been with you for years and have a special discount which is no longer financially sensible to keep them on so an increase may be required. In these situations we do not jump the price up to our usual package prices but instead, gradually move them up over the course of a few years. A sharp price increase will not do anyone any favours.



As discussed already, the type of migration will vary depending on a number of factors but a typical migration would proceed once the sale has been completed.

We would take over all of your existing systems - server rental, help desk system, social media accounts and anything else related to the business. The first step for us would be to migrate over to our help desk system. We can set up a new area in our system that is branded as your company and so for customers, nothing has changed, we just redirect your support e-mail address to our help desk system. The reason we do this is firstly so that all support requests, regardless of which 'brand' they come from are all in the same place, allowing our team to respond quickly - we don't have to monitor 15 different help desk systems!

The second reason is that we have rules in place within the system to prioritise certain requests so that, for example, if someone's account is down, this will take precedence over a customer who is having trouble paying their latest invoice - to us the first scenario is more important.

Once the help desk system is set up, we will then proceed to add features that may be missing such as adding a live chat support button to the web site or adding telephone support. Again, we want your company to have all of the same features and benefits that we offer our other customers - these systems are already in place so your customers should be able to take advantage of them.

The next step is, if possible, to migrate customers over to our server system. Usually we do this on an account by account basis. Although this sounds like a lot of hard work (and it is!) we find it better for customers as there are bound to be some accounts that experience issues so it's far better to fix them as we go rather than migrate 1,000 accounts and realise that we are playing catch-up all day, fixing issues for everyone.

Once everyone's accounts are migrated, we will then look at closing down the old server.



If you have a hosting business that you would like to sell and find a good home for, please get in touch.

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