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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

With your business expanding or for resource intensive web sites, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great way to keep your business online and your customers happy by providing a solid foundation to deliver super fast web site loading times.

Our VPS servers are all based and managed by our UK team. No outsourcing to other countries with us. Whether you call us, e-mail us or use our live chat facility, you will always be put through our UK technical support team.

Our systems are rock solid, meaning we can offer an impressive uptime. We invest heavily in the hardware that we use, constantly monitoring not only threats to the system but also detecting any hardware issues before they become hardware failures.

VPS Features

VPS with SSD
Each of our VPS servers use impressively fast SSD hard drives meaning that disk access and load times are much faster.

UK Support
Our support team are all UK-based. We do not outsource our support. If you call us, e-mail us or use the live chat facility - it's our team that you will speak to.

Unlimited bandwidth
We don't have caps on the amount of bandwidth that your server can use although our *AUP applies.

Free VPS backups
We take daily backups of your VPS but you can choose to upgrade to more frequent backups if needed. Six-hourly backups are available.

DDoS protection
To help prevent malicious attacks, all of our VPS plans include 1,000Gbps of DDOS protection as standard.

Dedicated IP included
We include a free dedicated IP with any VPS order, you can also purchase up to an additional 4 IPs.

No setup fee
We will deploy your VPS instantly and automatically so we don’t need to charge a setup fee.

Cloud Server Configurations

Our cloud servers can be customised to suit your needs, meaning you will not be paying for more resources than you actually need. In most cases we like to speak to you to find out what you will be using the server for so that we can put together a package and price that is perfect for you.

Below are some examples of what we can offer to give you an idea of resources and costs.



Scalable Cloud Servers

One of the benefits of a VPS is that they can scale with your business. If your web site starts getting more traffic and slowing down, we can easily add more resources to your system to speed things back up again.

The same is true of disk space. If you find that you are running out and need more storage space, we can increase your disk allowance with virtually no down time.

Need something different?

Just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your options. We can even take a copy of your existing site and run some tests on one of our servers to determine exactly what resources you need.


About Us

We're a small team who support hundreds of web sites, small and large, across the UK and beyond.

We love, web sites, SEO and helping your business grow.


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For support, please e-mail use our live chat facility or call us on 01227 656451.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or are having problems, just get in touch.

Use our 'Contact Us' page to e-mail us or talk to us on live chat about any queries that you may have or any support issues.

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Paul McKinney, customer

"Without a doubt the most professional and outstanding customer service out there. Buy with confidence."